『釉薬銅板ノ器』 約150年前、銅板転写による下絵付けを日本で初めて製作した岐阜県瑞浪市の窯元「里泉焼(りせんやき)」。現在は廃業となったその窯元の技法を基礎に絵具の調合を変え生まれた、光沢と質感を持つ絵付け技法による器たちです。
It was about 150 years ago, the first challenge in the country of ceramic painting utilizing the technique of copper plate transfer in this area.
This ceramic ware is called “Risen-Yaki”.The production potter had been closed but we inherited their technique as base and developed paint formulation by our own. Glossy look patterns and good texture are both achieved in this series of tableware.
Awarded in Good Design Prize 2010.